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The Martian Wars - Part 1 The Fall of Nova

Opening at the end of the twenty-first century, The Martian Wars is set in the land of Nova, formerly the United States of America. Nova is governed not by a president and congress but rather a prime minister and council. An old-age vaccine has extended human lives to as long as three hundred years. Humans have colonized Mars, but what began as a heroic expedition has degraded over the years to a brutal existence of master and slave. Enter Penn Heron, a young man who seeks greatness but has not been tested. When he meets and falls in love with Sarah, he realizes he has found a vital ally in the great struggle that lies ahead. Together, they foment a rebellion against the central government. This turmoil on Earth invites an invasion of Martian forces, led by Celidus Guile and his minions, “the Guile.”

Penn and Sarah team up with their friend Joshua, the scarlet-robed Thaddeus (once a liaison between Mars and the council), and a band of rebels to fight off the ruthless Martian hordes. As the battle rages, Penn and his band of outcasts realize that Sarah possesses the power to lead the way to victory and beyond.